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The Car

1963 Dodge Dart 270 Convertible

Passenger Side Profile

Dashboard: Push button transmission left of the steering wheel

Just before the start of the muscle car period (1965-1975) the 1963 Dodge Dart was conceived as a small, affordable; reliable car. A design creation of Elwood Engel, it had a simple but attractive body style. Dodge offered the basic 170, the 270 with convertible option and Dart GT as the deluxe model.
It was available the first year with a 6 cylinder motor. The V8 was offered in '64 and breifly in 1968 a Dodge Dart could be purchased with a Hemi engine making the Dart one of the most challenging vehicles on the race car circuit.
At the homefront however, the Dart was a winner with many as a solidly dependable car. The remarkable Torqueflite transmission was reputed to run 200,000 miles before requiring significant repairs. It was one of those cars so simple and clean in assembly and design that any auto service technician never laying eyes under the hood of a Dart could have quickly learned how to repair the vehicle.
Dodge ended the Dart line in the mid-70s and today can be seen flourishing in antique/hot rod clubs with a supporting parts supply market.
At the renowned Barrett-Jackson Auctions of Scottsdale, Arizona a hemi equipped Dart sold for upwards of $185,000! On the more affordable level an "as new" car can command $10,000 or more depending on the level of restoration/condition of the vehicle.
The Viaticus Dart was purchased in Covington, OK for $4,000 needing lots of repairs and TLC. Current plans are to restore as much of the vehicle as possible for car shows and educational functions.
For more online information and illustrations, type Dodge Dart/photos on your preferred search engine, select your link and enjoy the ride.


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